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Each Lilybead bracelet is crafted with heart. To get your Lilybead wristlet, click here.

From the owner:

"From the way a bracelet moves on the wrist to the way the eye travels to a piece of jewelry, Lilybead is about accentuating your essence.  I love how a flower chip bracelet adds grace to a hand gesture or how the geometric pattern and sparkling crystals of a fiesta bracelet draw every eye in the room as a woman walks by. I believe that accessories are best when their subtle drama accentuates the wearer’s own unique beauty. 

I love the never-ending search for new materials, the excitement of new colors, and the exhilaration of coming up with new designs.  Making jewelry is like writing poetry, only with beads and crystals instead of words. Jeweler and poet both work best without the encumbrance of rules.

Lilybead comes from my own deep creative drive and from my desire to help the young women of Guatemala improve their lives now and in the future.  Together we make the perfect product—Jewelry with Heart."

-Lily Jacobs, Jewelry Maker