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Vintage 1984 MT Treasure Brass Buckle


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This vintage solid brass belt buckle is a Montana classic. The belt buckle features three portraits (from left to right): a person skiing, a waterfall, and a person fishing. 

The history behind the buckle:

"Dale Wright -- the founder of Heritage Mind Ltd. --- realized the potential of this product as a customer-loyalty item for banks and savings and loan companies.

Each time a new client opened an account, received a loan or the bank provided a new service to an existing client, these buckles were given as a Thank You... The Wright family still shares Dale's enthusiasm for business-building products, they spread the word about his legacy and still spot folks wearing his belt buckles each day!

Originally each was numbered and registered with the American Commemorative Magazine. However, as there are "archived" pieces, some may not be numbered. And the American Commemorative Magazine has long since gone out of business, therefore the registration of these pieces has ceased."

  • excellent condition
  • approximately 3 5/16" x 2 5/8"
  • vintage 1984
  • signed
  • registered and numbered with American Commemorative Magazine

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